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Stronger than the Year Before

Benjamin KimreyDave Gettleman is the Carolina Panthers General Manager. He spent the offseason making deals and upgrading his team in every way that he could. Wanting to promote long term success as well as build upon their current trend of winning, Gettleman ensured to give extensions to the key players of his teams all in time for the roster to be ready for training camp. None of the extensions were more notable that quarterback Cam Newton’s five year $103.8 million dollar contract.

A year ago, Gettleman said that the team had to remake three position, the wide receiver, offensive line, and the secondary, as quickly as possible. This year they are not in that position. They have a stronger roster than the year before with many youthful players who are coming into their own. Gettleman believes that there is high enthusiasm for the team from all of the players who are hyped on the fact that people are healthy and the high hopes for this year being a special year for the team.

Fans of the Carolina Panthers are ecstatic for the potential that the team has. Benjamin Kimrey is an avid fan of all things Carolina, which would include his favorite National Football League team the Panthers. Though the were mixed feelings at first about the amount that some of the players were being paid for their extensions, the fans are pulling together and still cheering for their team. It also helps that the team is $13 million under the salary cap.


Charlotte Hornets Rumored to Sign Elliot Williams

The Charlotte Hornets are one of the most interesting teams in the National Basketball Association. They are a team that can beat some of the best teams in the league, and then the next game lose to one of the worst. The team seems to be stuck in a rut that has been insurmountable. The Hornets are looking forward to changing their luck this upcoming year and make a run in the playoffs.

One of the pieces that the Hornets have signed this offseason with the hope of having him help them turn around their fortune is Elliot Williams. Though he is not officially signed, the former Duke and Memphis guard did find a spot on the training camp roster for the Hornets. At the moment, Williams does not have a guaranteed contract, but a source close to the situation says that the 6-foot-5 guard, who can play both point and shooting guard and has played just over one hundred combined games during his three-year career in the NBA, is expected to be signed.

This acquisition will make on fan extremely happy. Benjamin Kimrey knows all about the new Hornets hopeful, Elliot Williams. Since Kimrey is a huge fan of the Duke Blue Devils, he became familiar with the style of play that Williams brought to the team in college. Kimrey is excited to see what Williams brings to his favorite NBA team. The Charlotte Hornets are definitely in need of help, and they are hoping they can find some of that help in their new guard.