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North Carolina is a state that is rich in sports teams; and while they may lack in a Major Baseball league Presence, there are still a number of teams who do noticeably well in a number of other major sports. Below is a short list of some of Benjamin Kimrey’s favorite teams, along with a short history and description of each.

Benjamin Kimrey


The Carolina Panthers are a fierce competitor in the National Football League. The team’s 2014/15 performance, highlighted with exceptional performances by star players Cam Newton, Greg Olsen and more, made them a force to be reckoned with in the latter half of the season. They were also a fierce competitor in the wild-card round of the playoffs, although they lost against the Arizona Cardinals.


The Charlotte Hornets have been a franchise of the National Basketball Association for decades; and they have been the home to many NBA greats such as Muggsy Bogues.

Blue Devils

There are many notable sports programs at Duke University; however perhaps the most notorious of them all is the Blue Devils Men’s Basketball team. Under the direction of legendary coach Mike Krzyzewski, this squad is a regular March Madness competitor who is feared by most, often winning their way to the later rounds every year. In 2015, Duke took the National Championship title, making it their fifth title earned as a NCAA program.

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